timber frame and modular house


Building a house is a huge responsibility. No stress in making your dream timber frame or modular house come true with TIVO construction solutions!


Timber frame houses is a classic and sustainable solution for Northern hemisphere conditions.

  • A variety of standardized technological solutions are employed in the production process to ensure quality.
  • While manufacturing at the factory, the impact of different climatic conditions is reduced.
  • Every timber frame panel is formed by precisely made drawings and calculations.
  • Timber frame technology provides excellent thermal insulation level protecting the house from moisture, mold and condensation


European style prefabricated modular house kits are unique due to the convenient production and construction.

  • Shorter manufacturing and assembling time keeps the expenses for construction, staff and insurance low.
  • The production process is protected from the impact of the weather, ensuring better quality of the building.
  • Tried and tested standardized solutions are used in the production with attention to the specifics of each structure.
  • Our modular house prefabricated kits include: windows and doors, electricity, lights, switches and sockets, plumbing and heating systems, interior and exterior finish.

TIVO services consider all the fundamental parts to build your dream timber frame or modular house family dwelling in time!


timber frame and modular house

We will adjust the structural design to the needs of your individual project, no matter if the house design is traditional, modern or completely personalised


timber frame and modular house

While the timber frames and modulars are manufactured at the factory, the preparatory works at the building site can be carried out simultaneously


timber frame and modular house

Reusable and sustainable materials together with normative construction solutions allow to maintain high energy efficiency, lowering carbon emissions


timber frame and modular house

Timber technology is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in house construction, we opt for locally available, PEFC-certified timber 

“TIVO built a private house for my family in Stockholm, Sweden. The quality of the materials and the construction structure is outstanding, so I’m sure the building will last for a lifetime. Most of all, I was impressed with TIVO professional staff. Since I’m a builder myself, I know all the specifics of the construction process to verify TIVO’s competency. The personnel made sure to communicate all the necessary details with me, giving direct response and accurate information. Any problems in structural design were sorted out within 30 minutes with the help of an architect.”

Thomas Johansson


No troubles with the process!
TIVO team will help you pick the best building solutions from design to manufacturing to construction



Contact us via phone or e-mail to consult with one of our project managers, who will guide you through the necessary steps in house building process. It is wise to consider your plans, desires and financial possibilities beforehand, but our specialists will help to estimate the volume of the project. If you have a design created already for you, we will help to adjust the structural design to the individual project specifics, or you can get inspired from the projects in our catalogue!



After several consultations, our project manager will have gathered enough information from you to design the best construction solutions for your dream home. A successful house building project involves collaboration with various other construction services, and our specialists will inform you on the work to be done and the necessary specialists, depending on your individual project.



When the outline of your project is assessed, our project manager will present you the exact offer which comprises the materials to be used, the time plan and the cost estimate. Together we can decide on the details in the offer so that it matches your wishes, needs and finances. After signing the contract, the work begins.



Depending on the project details you agree to, our team of engineers will design the technical solutions that guide the manufacturing, delivery, and assembly process. During the work, our project manager will make sure to operatively inform you on the procedure, and update you on the construction process. While we do all the work, you can freely organise any other necessary steps you need to make your dream house a solid reality.

We use EU-certified materials only:

Our projects have been built and delivered across Europe:

Take a look at our house projects:

timber frame and modular house


timber frame and modular house


timber frame and modular house


timber frame and modular house


timber frame and modular house


timber frame and modular house


We care about the result and productive cooperation!

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timber frame and modular house


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timber frame and modular house


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