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No troubles with the process! TIVO team will help you pick the best building solutions from design to manufacturing to assembly

1. Consulting

Contact one of our experienced project managers to let us evaluate the project and the circumstances. If you have a design created already for you, we will help to adjust the structural design to the individual project specifics.

2. Planning

Our team of project managers, engineers, factory supervisor, suppliers and construction manager gathers to estimate the volume of your project, decide on the accurate construction solutions and draw up the project timeline. After that we make sure to present the project specifics and inform you on all the necessary details.

3. Designing

After signing the contract, the structural, manufacturing and construction blueprints of the project are drafted by our team of professional engineers. Keeping in touch with your wants and needs, ensuring structural integrity, compliance to Eurocode and local regulations, our engineers adjust or draw up the technical solutions, repeatedly ensuring quality control. Additionally providing precise foundation outline blueprints and load distribution.

4. Manufacturing

Basing on the draft created by our engineers, the manufacturing plan is devised, after which the factory produces all the required elements and structures. The manufacturing plan comprises all the necessary routings and calculations on the workload, maximising the factory efficiency. A strict quality control policy is employed during the whole manufacturing process. 

5. Delivery

Collaborating with the leading logistics services in the Baltics, we can easily deliver our buildings across the whole Europe. We ship regularly to Sweden, Norway and Iceland, giving us considerable experience on the requirements and specifics of the delivery process to these regions. 

6. Assembly

To ensure successful construction process, all the parties involved - you and our team - are regularly updated on the progress. On the building site, our construction staff is capable to effectively and operatively execute construction works, taking into account the calculations drafted by our engineers. We are aware of unusual conditions and risks that may come during 

"TIVO carried out the construction and assembly of railway stations “Cukurfabrika” and “Imanta”. The buildings were constructed via timber frame technology, and TIVO provided exceptional quality and due diligence in the process. The works were completed according to the normative acts of construction legislation, as well as all the technical requirements for this individual project. We are completely satisfied with the result."
Kaspars Dombrovskis

Introducing: modular apartment houses

There are many benefits to building apartment houses using a prefabricated modular technology. Read more in our blog article!

TURNKEY: The fabrication of modules ensures delivery of a fully equipped structures with finished interior and exterior cladding, so that only assembly and installing communications is done on the site.

TIME: We have developed a consequential technology, which allows to speed up the fabrication process, as well as instigate an advanced quality control system; meanwhile it is possible to carry out the preparatory works on site.

COST: The manufacturing and construction of modular homes is easier to control and predict, making it easier to estimate the costs of the project, as well as optimising works and materials used.

SUSTAINABILITY: Prefabricated module construction process utilises more of the recyclable materials. We base our technology on timber frame structure, which is one of the most sustainable materials to this date, and together with our strict quality control policy we also minimise the waste


We use EU-Certified materials only

Why choose us?


We’re flexible, timely and practice efficient work planning in manufacturing and construction of timber frame and prefabricated modules at the factory


Here at TIVO, we’re using quality control systems of international standards, taking into account the local legislation, and employing certified labor force and specialists



More than 25 years of experience has given us a comprehensive knowledge of structural design, manufacturing and construction suited to Scandinavian architecture, weather and building requirements 


Just as we value quality, we care about the client and their surroundings, therefore putting forward excellent client service and following an environmentally friendly policy

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